Monday, December 3, 2007


For my post about Gretchen's birthday, I'm going to do a photo-essay.  Because much like any time spent with this girl - there just aren't words to describe the events.  I love what Gretchen brings.  She can talk to anyone, make any situation seem hilarious, inspire, connect and you just never know what's going to happen next.  My life is richer because she's in it.  I'm thankful for the way life worked out - and brought us together.  Happy birthday to one of my best friends. (technically it was yesterday - but who says the celebrating must be contained in only 24 hours?)

Img_4595 Img_4599 Img_4613 Img_4614 Img_4615 Img_4618 Img_4616 Img_4617 Img_4619 Img_4621 Img_4624 Img_4625 Img_4626 Img_4627 Img_4628 Img_4631 Img_4643 Img_4646 Img_4649 Img_4659 Img_4662

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Gretchen said...

HAHAHAHA...We are so weird.