Monday, November 26, 2007

Two more things, then, for real, I need to go to sleep.  See?  I am so all-or-nothing with this blog.  It's a little bit embarrassing.  And I think this Thera-Flu actually made me more awake, which is a cruel twist I wasn't expecting.


1.  I have now realized the power that I hold.  This blog is POWERFUL, people.  I have received my first gift solely because I blogged about the fact that I wanted it:Img_4415

Look what I got in my mailbox on Friday!

Shout out to my awesome sister, Tracy!! Merry Christmas to me!

Now, for the rest of you that are lurking here in this space, wondering what you can do to earn a shout out and a photo of me with a product brought to me by you...

I am also longing for:

--a new green ipod nano

--the book written by Peter Jennings' wife

--Hello! Gilmore Girls Season 7 DVDs

--And always - gift cards to Ann Taylor, Target and Starbucks

I am kidding, kind of. NO, really! Thanks Tracy soooo much.  I can't wait to read it.  And I'm LOVING that Tom Brokaw is on a book tour because I am seeing him everywhere, and I do miss him so. (Note to self and Gretchen: must find a TB signing in the near future so that I can stalk him out.

Here he was on Meet The Press:Img_4360

Such a muffin!

I love this man!!


Say hello to my little friend.

Last week, ground sausage was buy one get one free at Harris Teeter.

Being the frugal wanna-be that I am, I bought one and got one.

The thing is, I've never cooked ground sausage before, and I didn't know quite what to do with it...

So, my friends, I introduce you to.......The Pizza-Inspired Sloppy-Wich.  It's a working title, don't joke.

Pizza-Inspired Sloppy-Wich

1 lb ground sausage

1 onion

1 green bell pepper

1 handful of sliced mushrooms

kaiser roll

mozzarella cheese

pizza sauce

Sautee' the sausage, mushrooms, green pepper and onion in a skillet.  Pop the bun in the toaster oven. Spread the pizza sauce on the toasted bun and top both sides with cheese.  Then pile on the rest, mash it together and enjoy! (Note: you'll need a fork - hence the "sloppy" part)

I know, I know!! Rachael would be so proud.

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christin said...

Dana, Dana, Dana. you are awesome. I got your package last night, and you'll be pleased to know I am currently brewing/drinking the coffee right now! you are incredible. how did you know that would be just the thing to brighten my day? MAN. I feel so honored. Thank you again and again.
too, too sweet!!!!
p.s. i could smell the coffee even when i opened up my mailbox! I was like "what is that heavenly smell..."