Monday, November 26, 2007

Okay, seriously? Today Show? Seriously. Please stop interviewing everyone who knows/has ever known Drew Peterson. I don't care anymore. Please stop pushing me away.

Phew, now that THAT'S off my chest, I'm free to muse about my Thanksgiving.

'twas a wonderful holiday, eh?  I mean, who could not love a holiday that is nothing more, nothing less, than celebrating food and family and being thankful.  It's so pure and lovely and I am, quite frankly, thankful for Thanksgiving.

Now, family picture time... So, let's talk aImg_4458bout how big my "baby" Brayden is getting, mmkay? He can read and write and it kind of freaks me out.

But I guess you're supposed to learn those types of things in Kindergarten.

He's so big.  He signed the back of his new school picture for me.


Here it is on my fridge.

Oh, and above there, in the pic where he's signing... that's an inflatable sword hanging on his arm.

You just never know when you might need one of those!


Here I am with my big boys.  Colby and Jorden.

Colby is 15 now and I feel like he's about 7 foot 2.  And Jorden is growing man hair on his chin!


Here is my mom and her ThanksG mimosa.

Note the shorts. Yes, shorts! It was like 70!

Sometimes I think global warming perhaps isn't so bad at all...

70 degrees on Thanksgiving in Virginia? Sign me up!


Appetizer time.

Brayden was feeding Chris "boogers," which he claimed came from his nose.

These "boogers" were really some sweetheart type of candy, marketed as "goosebumps," or something.

I don't know. I know someone who has "kid food" in their house will fill me in.


So... maybe 50 isn't the new 30 after all... maybe it's the new 6.



He adores his Uncle Chris, even though he doesn't realize Chris is his uncle.

I don't really understand what Brayden thinks Chris is, but he's apparently "not his uncle."


Jimmy harvests Turkey #1.


The Colbster and my sister.

I told you he's 7 foot 2!  Seriously, in my family, when you pass 5 foot 10, you earn a blue ribbon - much like a 10lb tomato at a state fair.

We just don't see things like that 'round these parts!


This is the best picture of Tracy and me from the whole day.

We were feeling fat.

But, it WAS Thanksgiving... so I consider it "festive!"

You can always trust your sister to tell you if you have something in your teeth...


Told you.

That was the best picture.

This is 2nd best and it's AWFUL.

And the only reason I look 7 foot 2 is because I was wearing boots and Tracy was wearing flip flips.


Jimmy harvesting Turkey #2.


My brother kept the ladies happy with his bartending skillzzzzz.

Look at my mom's face! Is this screaming for a caption contest or what!?!?!

Ha ha.....


My big boys again.

Such cuties!!


One or two Raspberry-Tinis later....


Turkey #3.


YouTube time!

Poor Kenny the Tiger....



Brokaw and Wesley looking like Kenny the Tiger and his brother!

Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


Check out my family's ThanksG napkins.


It was a wonderful time... I always enjoy food and family.  And Thanksgiving - when I get to indulge in BOTH. What a BLESSING!!

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