Sunday, October 7, 2007

What a Weekend

My friend Patty got married Saturday.  She was beautiful. The wedding was on the farm where her husband grew up.  The whole thing was just magical.Img_3927 Img_3928

Here comes the bride!


Patty and Sean.


When I first got there, I was looking for a place to sit on the hay and look who I found!!
Danny Lee!!  What a pleasant surprise.


Maid of Honor Mary Kay.


She had Britney's hair and some chicken cutlets.


Swinging Paul.


We danced....


And danced the night away.


Told you.


So, chillin' with White House Correspondents is my new Saturday thing. Last weekend it was Martha. This time it was with Kelly O'Donnell from NBC.

She is gorgeous.

And so nice.


Thank God I have friends who double as Paparazzi.

Here I am telling Kelly how great she is in the WH Briefings.


Then we discussed Tony and Dana and the definition of torture.


See us in the background? That's my photographer, Mary Kay. 

Just wait until you see the one of Danny!! You will DIE it's so funny.


Not only did I see old WAVY pals this weekend, but Friday night I caught up with old co-workers from WSLS.

I forgot how hiliarious Jay is. Oh my goodness.  I could hardly keep the expensive beef tenderloin down!

What a weekend. 

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Gretchen said...

Ok, so you know how Joey Porter has "the Boot"? Well I think that us( you, Court and I) should start to patten our moves. Case in point the nervous, yet gracious hand clasp. This move is needed in order to aviod the also nervous hand stuck in pocket move.