Sunday, September 30, 2007

This is going to be rather random. Consider the source.  I have been meaning to blog about a few things and I just haven't had time or I've been lazy.  None of these things may interest you.  But thanks for stopping by anyway.

Jenna1. Jenna Bush. Okay, seriously, I have a lot of respect for this woman.  I saw her interview on 20/20 this weekend with Diane Sawyer - she seems to really have a heart for poor sick children and I'd love to read the book she wrote.  Definitely has come a long way since her crazy college days.  And I think she's BEAUTIFUL. And tall!! She was walking with Diane, who I know is 6 feet and she was right up there with her. (tall women freak me out, but we'll deal with that another day)

Champion_9292. Sam Champion filling in for Nancy Grace. Are you *kidding* me?!?! Oh, Sam. I love the way you do the weather on GMA - always using video and sound - telling a story. I love how you always GO to the storm. I can't even watch Nancy Grace. I can't even deal with it for one segment. I didn't actually see Sam in this venue, I read about it online, and I must say, it breaks my heart. Why???

Huckabeeguitar_3003. I really try not to get too political in this space because it really is my job as a journalist to keep my opinions to myself.  But I saw something in a magazine this week that made me smile.  Mike Huckabee jamming on the bass. Very cool. You just have to like Mike.

4. Remember my master plan to make Brokaw behave? The pumpkin?  Yeah... well, he was just chewing on a couple of books so I applied the pumpkin, and that weasel took it off of himself?  I really need the Dog Weesperer!!  Anyone want to help me make a video to solicit Cesar? Becky?

5. Tomorrow is October! Fall always seems like it takes a long time to get here, then it's gone. Oh, the anticipation! I'm ready. Bring on the beautiful leaves and long sleeve T's. Perhaps next weekend, I'll switch out my closet - I LOVE doing that.

Okay... better get ready for work now. I have lovely new Hazelnut Creme coffee tonight and it's splendid. The Supreme Court is back to work tomorrow. I don't know why I just added that, just popped into my head.

There you go. Random. I wish you all a fulfilling week. I'm going to try really hard not to have ANY Pumpkin Spice Lattes because last week I had TWO. Sigh.

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Becky said...

Let's do the video!