Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sometimes entire days go by and I just don't realize it.  When you don't sleep - the first half of the week really can feel like one. long. day.

Whew.  It is getting better though.

OohhhyeahHappy Birthday, my dear Harry!

So, in the spirit of this new, reformed financial life I'm living -- I'm waiting until this weekend to get a burned copy of Kenny Chesney's new CD from my sister.  I love Kenny but that $10 really is better spent at the grocery store, sorry.

The Biggest Loser is back, yay! I love that show - I always think back to when I lost like 30 pounds 2 years ago - I felt like I bonded with the people on the show.  Tonight, they were crying a lot and that got on my nerves, but still, I think the show is very inspiring. 

I keep forgetting to watch The Hills... so glad it's on mtv.com. And Britney, oh, honey...

Sorry... I'm rambling tonight, big time.

Oh!! My kitchen is back in full order.  And I've been eating some divine leftovers this week from the fab meal I made.  Ginger glazed shrimp and zucchini with fresh parm over fettuccine.  Sometimes I don't only laugh and smile like Rachael Ray - I AM RACHAEL RAY, muah ha ha ha ha ha!!!



I love to take pictures of my cooking creations because I have to say, I impress myself.  If you knew my mother, you'd understand. I still can't bake anything that doesn't come in a tube, but if you want dinner, I'm your girl!

I was kind of trying not to write anything about today being September 11th, but I just don't think I can get away from it.  The thoughts keep creeping up in my head.  I have watched way too much History Channel in the past couple of days - and seeing all of those images again, hearing those phone calls from the people on the planes and in the towers - brings it all back. It's been 6 years, and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that THAT really happened.  Of course, like you, I remember exactly where I was when it happened (at work - and I don't think I even fully came home for any amount of time for like a week). I don't know anyone who was directly affected - yet I - now - 6 years later still feel deeply affected by 9/11.

I feel like it made me grow up. Realize the world. It changed me. And it still makes me very sad.

I'm glad tomorrow is September 12th.

I was glad to see Tom Brokaw on the air again. Man, I miss him so much...Img_3775

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