Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pumpkin Head

Last week, when Granny Nora was in town, she sponsored a trip to Target (yay!) and Brokaw got his Halloween costume for this year.  You have to get them early or the good ones are gone, it's the same way for little kids.  Anyway, putting the pumpkin on Brokaw is HILARIOUS.  He is scared of it, so the second you put it on, he just stands there, still, afraid to move.  It's the greatest thing, ever.  The pumpkin is my new best friend.  When Brokaw is getting into stuff during the day while I'm trying to sleep (like going on the internet and IMing Ann or something) all I have to do is put the pumpkin on him and viola! Still, well behaved puggle.  This is going to be a whole-year-round kind of thing.  Poor pumpkin head.




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