Monday, September 10, 2007

I have 3 letters for you.


As in Pumpkin Spice Frappucino.  Until today, I did not know they existed. Until today, I had not really experienced life.

Divine. Pick one up on your way to work! Or, on your lunch break - squeeze it in, then write me and let me know I made your day.

PSF = mmmmm.

So, all of the mucky mess from the flood is gone from my apartment.  I have new carpet, yay! Now, Mr. Puggles must recommit to his duty of not peeing until he is fully outside... we're still working on that. And on not scream-barking every time he hears a noise in the hallway.

Last night, for the first time EVER I made it to work without making a U-turn. This is a big deal.  I'm pretty sure they're going to pass a bipartisan proclamation on Capitol Hill today saying I've met a benchmark or something.  I am quite proud.

Tomorrow is a BIG day. Do you realize this? It's one of my husbands, Harry Connick Jr.'s birthday.  He'll be 40. 40 is hot. It must be the new 30.  And the new Kenny Chesney album comes out!!!

I hope to firm up some October vacation plans today. Cross your fingers for me.


christin said...

40 really is the new 30. like i'm not even scared that i'm 3 years away from 30. it feels like 20. it feels like nothing! i love it. by the time we're 70 it'll be the new 30. hahaha.

Gretchen said...

Dude! We need to work on our stalker lo-jack. We don't know where Harry is or who he is with. Court, you and I need to really get back on top of things. I have to get at my new job so I can use positive energy again to get us up in celeb faces....ahahahahahahaahah. You can also get the Cinna dolce in a frap too...sugar free too.