Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Doggie Play Day

Sunday I met Becky and her doggie family (her baby Radar and her "nephew" Hawkeye at the dog park so Brokaw could get to know his new buds.

Img_3725_2Radar wasn't really feeling it at first - but he came around a little bit.  It's got to be scary when you weigh all of like 6lbs!


Hawkeye was definitely feeling it.  He's Mr. Independent!



Brokaw... mid-blink.

They had so much fun - except for when the killer Pit Bulls were after them! And I think I can still hear those Pit Bulls' owner screaming "Punkin!! Punkin!!"



Yay to Becky for coming out for Doggie Day.  We'll have to do it another time - when the boys aren't so afraid.

I think they'll become buds.


I love dog parks because they help to achieve one of my goals in life - a very tired puggle.


christin said...

I might CRY from the cuteness!!!! and also from Jealousy. Bodie would eat all of your dogs though. His new name is Lance Corporal Geets. I can't explain it, you wouldn't talk to me anymore.

Becky said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! I love these pictures! It was a fun time. And I had two very exhausted puppies as well. :)
"Punkkkkkinnnnn!! Punnnkkkiiinnnnnnnnn!!!"