Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today... I'm getting my hair cut!  I LOVE haircuts!  Yay. A fresh start. 

update: pic of my new haircut. Sans make-up, beware, and I'm wearing jammies... but it's the HAIR you're looking at, remember that!


Oh, and look at my sweet, golden little Katy Lu-lu.  She finally ventured down from the top of the kitchen cabinet and snuggled in my bed. I actually didn't make my bed (that never happens) just so she could snuggle in it - I was so proud of her for coming down.



Of course, it wasn't long before you-know-who showed up on the scene.



It was really sweet. And it's major progress. But I still had to kick them off my bed. I mean, seriously, I'm all for the bonding and all - but can't they bond on the floor?

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