Friday, August 3, 2007

So, Brokaw's new thing is barking at the trash can. I have NO idea why. I have had the SAME trash can in the SAME spot since BEFORE Brokaw even existed. I do not know what is with the new fear/obsession/whatever it is. I took the trash out. Cleaned it. Sprayed it with Bitter Apple. NOTHING will stop him. Every now and then.. he just runs over to the trash can, and attacks it. I think the trash can is winning. It has scratches and puggle pawprints all over it, but it's still standing.Img_3391


Becky said...

I SO cannot wait for Radar and Brokaw to be friends. Such fun.

Becky said...

Oh...what I forgot to say, is that I LOVE his collar (props to LVM). It really brings out the green in his eyes. haha.