Monday, August 6, 2007

13331607_80x60_2Shout out to Becky Emmers for including my blog in Links N'@.  I had a record number of visitors between Friday and Today - all from

Today I was finally PRODUCTIVE after a few days of nothing but fun.  Sunday the sun decided to be a no-show in Pittsburgh so Gretchen and I had the cure for that: The tanning bed. I am now regretting that I have not been a member of Hollywood Tans. That place is the deal! The "beds" are all these stand up contraptions a-la star trek (I've never technically watched Star Trek so that could be way off, Trekkies, let me know...) or like something you would take to the future. And yes, I took pictures. Because I'm the psycho who takes her digital camera into the tanning bed. See what happens when I'm not working? I'm super blogger -- letting you in on every aspect of my highly entertaining, glamorous, fulfilling life that you wish was yours! I'm only half kidding here...Img_3520 Img_3521 Img_3513

For the record... I HATE mirrors like this. The ones that START at about 5 feet up... NOT good for short people! I have lived in two apartments with these mirrors that are exclusively for TALL people... not cool. World: LOWER the mirrors! It's good to know that the top of my head looks okay but it would be better if I could see my FACE!

Okay... back it up a couple of days... I have more pictures to share.

Img_3459 Friday: I met Gretchen, Jason and a group of people for the Pirates game. The Pirates are so horrible, it's embarrassing, really. Luckily, it's a BEAUTIFUL ball park and there are ample people watching opportunities. The only baseball player I had ever really heard of before was Ken Griffey Jr. and he was on the other team. The Pirates lost like 10,002 to 4. You know how they have a slaughter rule in little league? I see no reason for that to go away as you grow up. Surely, the Pirates would appreciate it. Oh well. There was one home run, so there were fireworks and I had  Primanti Bros. sandwich and a Snickers Ice Cream Bar, so you won't hear any complaints out of me.Img_3461

Gretchdanabball Img_3462

A classic pose... Danasilly

Remember? Must I remind you... Silliness.


Saturday night there was a mini birthday bash for the beautiful, talented and overall wonderful Sarah Bowers. I'm going to miss this girl!! I actually did two shots, which is history making. I've never done more than one in one sitting. Not too bad.  I'll definitely be back in the 'Burgh for Sarah and Mike's wedding (in like 5 years or whatever).Img_3505



Tonight I had dinner with My Heath. Oh, add him to the list of people I will miss the most. One of my real friends in Pittsburgh. Heath makes my heart melt because he tells me things like "You're golden." Seriously? Aren't you just glad for people like that? We were instantly friends. And while I'll miss our Outback Steakhouse dates (my waist and thighs will not) I know... this is "not goodbye... it's just I'll see you later..."

He's the only guy I know who can use an Outback menu as a prop for the city of Pittsburgh... and pull it off.


We're smiling through the pain of being so stuffed we both probably unbuttoned our pants the second we sat down in our SUV's...


Okay.. now one of the things I will NOT miss about Pittsburgh:

Stupid Parkway East shutdowns...


And you wonder, how is it I can take so many pictures of myself in the car?

Seriously. I finished a chapter of a book on my way to Rock Bottom Saturday night. Stopped. Still. For almost an hour.

(I don't really expect it will be any better in DC, but still...)

In Other News... Brokaw update.  So, he's still a little disoriented and acting a little crazy. He spilled a bunch of glittery scrapbook confetti all over my bedroom floor the other day. I vacuumed it up, but still, somehow, it's EVERYWHERE. I swear - I saw some in the shower today!Img_3484 Speaking of the shower - Brokaw got a hold of the last of my Cinnamon Buns shower gel (it's almost out anyway) and he was trying to eat it. I think this makes more sense than barking at the trash can - because at least it smells like something edible.  I am, however, the best doggie mommy in the world though, and I bought him a new toy that he TOTALLY loves. I knew he would love it when I saw it and that if he was with me, he'd totally pick it out. So, I used that to bribe him into giving me back the shower gel.

Poor puggle. He's got a rough week ahead too.Img_3532



Gretchen said...

I can't believe the winkeese!!!! I look fat in the picts....I hate that you are moving. I only see that I will be closer in a few short months. Next summer we will be together again.....

Becky said...

1. That plaid dress is fab!
2. No, DC traffic is NOT's worse.
3. Brokaw's face melts my heart.
4. Welcome to Washington!!

Oliver said...

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