Thursday, August 23, 2007

The guy who lives across the hall from me is out of town, I guess.  His Sunday Washington Post has been just sitting there in front of his door, for days. Here's what I think is funny: As the days go by, people are picking through his paper.  Every day, a different section is on top, and the pile is growing smaller and smaller.  Today it was Style on top.

So, that commuting badge I earned yesterday? Revoked. This morning, I learned that just because a train pulls up with a blue light - does not necessarily mean that it's the BLUE train.  I realized this as the train I was on started crossing a body of water that I did not remember ever crossing before.  It was the yellow line.

So, I got off as soon as possible so I could transfer to the blue line - where I belong. And the COOLEST thing happened. I sat down on the blue train - and who gets on and sits right ACROSS from me?  Chip Reid. Who's Chip Reid, you ask? WELL... he's the Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News.  We had a lovely conversation which I will never forget, and he has likely already forgotten.

Yellow line special.  It was grand.

And - YES I do have a kitchen, I'll have to post pics of that when I have a sec.


Courtney said...

Oh you know my mishap with the subways...My most exciting game at Yankee Stadium thus far started with an accidental trip to Queens first...oops

Becky said...

been there, done that. you only do it once. ;)