Friday, August 3, 2007

Am I In Heaven?

If I had not gotten a parking ticket last night I would seriously have thought I have died and gone to heaven.  My last day - it was just overwhelming - the nice things people were saying to me. Incredible. Humbling. Unforgettable. Makes me not want to leave. But I have to - I'm on a mission - to be at a network by the time I'm 30 -- and tick-tock, there's that clock again...

Let me just tell you what I've done since I left WTAE.

Yesterday I spent half the day at Barnes & Noble. (thank you Heath)  That was a BLAST since we all know B & N is my "3rd place." (you know 3rd place right? everyone should have one.. there's 1=work, 2=home, then you're supposed to have a 3rd place - mine is Barnes & Noble) I had fun sitting in a comfy chair, browsing through like 10 different books, sipping my grande caramel frappucino. That was AFTER all the toddlers left. Seriously - I think they were having a special or something - two toddlers for the price of one or something. I realize that by writing this I'm going to be cursed somehow with a screaming child - but, clearly, that's not going to happen anytime soon, so here goes: Dear mothers of the world: Please, please, PLEASE control your children. If they're screaming, especially in Starbucks or Barnes & Noble - please remove them from the store. It's such pollution. It makes my head hurt, and my forehead wrinkle. Anyway, enough ranting, after the toddlers cleared out, it was blissful.

Then I went to Target (thank you Becky). I bought new toss pillows - because THAT makes sense - to buy MORE stuff when you're about to move. Oh well.

Then, heavenly night in Squirrel Hill a.k.a. "Squirrelville" with Gretchen. Are you sitting down?

1. Thai food at Bangkok Balcony

2. Pedicures


4. Ice Cream at Cold Stone Creamery

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? All of this in one night? This is like the adult version of going to Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion for the day as a kid. When I laid down to go to sleep last night, I just reviewed the evening and couldn't believe it. (I did get a parking ticket, which like I said, I'm glad I did because I know I'm still on earth) Any of the above activities on any given night would have MADE my night.

All in one? SERIOUSLY!?!?

As we were eating our ice cream on a church step last night Gretchen put it just right. Last night had no highlight. It was ALL highlights. Gretchen said "You know when you pull too much hair through the cap when you're highlighting? - The chunk? That was tonight."

Well said.

Oh, we saw this girl who TOTALLY looks like Paris Hilton

Then I went to breakfast with Franklin. At Drew's. French Toast. Yummy!!

Today I went thrift-storing but didn't really find anything (I don't need anything else to move anyway) and tonight we're going to the Pirates game.

Go Buccos!

I could get used to this not working business... 

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Becky said...

1. Your "Dear Mothers of the World" letter? SPOT ON. People! If you are gonna take the time to have babies, take the time to TRAIN THEM.
2. Target? Am I to blame for this?? Or is this another Becky?
3. "I'm gonna sell this to TMZ"... that made me laugh out loud.