Sunday, July 29, 2007

Party Pics!

Saturday, my friend Steve threw Missi and I a co-going away party. How sweet of Steve, love him! It was a blast - it makes me wish I had spent more time outside of work with my co-workers. (Life in the rear-view mirror has such great perspective, doesn't it?)  I wish I had more time to write about how much these people mean to me and how touched I was that they all spent their Saturday night with us - but for now, pictures only. (So, at least everyone can see them @ work on Monday)  I had a blast, guys! Thanks for the sweet cards, the shoes, the bottles of wine, Starbucks, Target and Barnes & Noble gift cards, and books! You guys know me!! :) Thanks for the love.Img_1276_2 Some of these pics are courtesy of Michelle's Blog. Img_3306 Img_3307 Img_1275752309 Img_1278739422 Img_1279739558_2 Img_1281776764 Img_1282700994


Img_3308 Img_3309 Img_3311 Img_3313 Img_3312


Img_3315 Img_3316 Img_3317 Img_3318

Img_3320_2 Img_3321 Img_3323 Img_3325 Img_3326 Img_3328 Img_3329

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Gretchen said...

And why??? Did you have to put the ugly pic of us up there??