Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have to give a SHOUT OUT to my friend Robin, for providing the soundtrack to my life for the last couple of weeks. I love the music! Can't get enough. Thanks maestro! I am LOVING Sara Bareilles, so. much.

Man, I wanted to have a blog-a-thon tonight but this website is being really stinky and slow.

I have to share pics from my amazing weekend.

Some other random thoughts, quickly:

1. Good for Campbell Brown.

2. The CNN/Youtube debate was AWESOME.  But I'm kind of mad at AC.

3. I am just now realizing I never wrote anything about that New Yorker article a couple of weeks ago about Katie. I need to do that.

4. Horrible news today - Diet Coke causes heart disease, and they're raising the prices at Starbucks? This is why people say watching the news is depressing.

Well.. I better go and get ready.  Perhaps the news will be better tonight/today/tomorrow/whatever this is.

5. Brokaw is the cutest thing, ever. (when he's sleeping)

6. I now have exactly ONE WEEK left at work. Sigh. How is it that time has this funny way of dragging on and flying by at the same time?

Shout out to Andrew for his sweet blog.

1 comment:

christin said...

can't wait til you move!
and also, i just downloaded the Colbie Caillat single from iTunes...Bubbly. LOVE IT.
absolutely adorable. good call.