Thursday, July 26, 2007

Carolina in my Mind

I spent last weekend in North Carolina. Almost every waking minute of it. I left work, went to the airport... and came back from the airport and went directly to work - which is where I feel like I've been all week. I don't even feel like I have come home and slept in between days since Monday.

But, it was worth it. Oh, was it worth it.

That "..." above - well it was, amazing.

Just what I needed.

To get away from all of the craziness of work/moving/stressing out over what's next in my life.

And to see this guy: Img_3160

There is no one on the planet I'd rather go to Target and Bob Evans with.

It was all in celebration of this guy's 1st year of life:Img_3106

Wouldn't it be nice to be one year old? I think there are things we could learn from these little ones if we'd open our eyes.  When you're one, all you have to do is clap, and everyone claps for you. Smile, and everyone smiles with you. You bring so much joy. Does that really have to change? Think about it. If you have joy, wouldn't you still bring the joy - even if you're 25, or 30 or, gasp, 50? I think so. You bring the joy, the smile, the clapping, others will join in. Lessons from Brody. I took that away from the weekend.

Img_3161Sunday, for the first time, I heard Michael preach/speak/share... you fill in the verb - whatever you come up with, let it be a very powerful verb, full of action.  It was, sigh, amazing. It was his heart. It was the Holy Spirit. It was a beautiful dance of heart and spirit and it was clear, the soundtrack of God's hand was playing in the background. Something shifted in me as I listened. And it wasn't really anything I haven't heard before, but it was powerful. We all have scars. Michael does. I do. Jesus does. You do.  See them. Touch them. Feel them. There IS healing.

I know a lot of people who read this blog have ties to ministry - youth ministry - missions - etc. You need to hear this guy.


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