Monday, June 4, 2007

So, I wore white pants to work last night. The same white pants I spent all summer last year trying on, and trying on... and never wore.  I'm proud of myself for wearing them.  I'm so self-conscious of my thighs.  I don't even like them in khakis, let alone white pants. But, I did it. Mission accomplished. 

Saturday I went suit shopping. THAT was fun. Not swimsuit. Ick. Suit suit. I'm such a work nerd - I love work clothes!

OOOHHH -- and I got my hair cut. Too bad only one person at work noticed. I'll have to self photograph in the car and post a new pic. :)

Let's see.. what else is going on? Not much, clearly, since I'm rambling about clothes.  But at least I'm making an effort to blog more often. Guess I'm going for quantity, not quality.

I am EXHAUSTED this morning. Long night. They always are on Sunday/Monday.  I got about an hour and a half of sleep yesterday.  But I did watch the Democrats debate, that was fun.  I just love that stuff... I'm looking forward to the GOP's turn Tuesday night!

Oh, and my neti pot arrived in the mail!  I think I'm too tired to do it this morning though.  And I'm semi-afraid I may drown.

Kenny Chesney concert countdown: 5 days

Trip home to Virginia countdown: 8 days

I'm glad the temps dropped... yay for free A/C!

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christin said...

where are your white pants from? I have a pair I bought last year from GAP - for like $12.99! - and they are pretty decent, as far as white pants go. they are flowy enough but not crazy. I don't like my thighs either, so I know your pain. where are yours from?
props for wearing them.