Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Okay, so it's been a while since I shared a little Brokaw story, so, humor me?  Brokaw's new thing is toys that make noises like they're real. He has a duck that quacks, a little monkey that makes a noise (not sure exactly how to describe that one). Well, he destroys these poor animals.  Tears their noise makers right out. So, Friday I went to Target (of course) and got him this new little frog. $5.00. So cute. It croaks.  Well, sadly, now it has croaked.  It took Brokaw all of what? 5 days to destroy it?  This could get expensive... He needs these real-life animal friends so that he doesn't chew things I need, like the remote...

Oh, and I have to post this picture of B-dawg with his best bud, Doc.  We tied them up in Gretchen's back yard while we ate pizza.  It was Doc's job to occupy Brokaw during dinner so he wouldn't obnoxiously beg.  I'm sorry. I have one of those dogs. I know, it's my fault.Img_2386   


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