Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How's This For Random?

So, I hereby retract any comments I have previously made about Comcast cable sucking.  The cable guy came out today and informed me I had SAP enabled on my TV. I'm not 100% sure what that means but I think it has something to do with Spanish.  It was embarassing.  I don't know how I did that.  I asked the cable guy if it was horrible that I called him out for that... thankfully, he was gracious and told me I was the second case of the day. :)


I love itunes. Can I just say that? I love that I no longer have to make a trip to get a CD I have been salivating over until its release date.  This week, it was Michael Buble'. I need to see him in concert, stalk him out and take a picture. Note to self.

American Idol last night was awesome.  I'm just starting to get into it this year. I'm such a late AI bloomer, and I get later and later every year (you have to wait for some of those people to clear out!)  I forgot how much I love Jon Bon Jovi.  I remember when I was 9 years old the night my first nephew was born.  My brother and I were home alone for the first time in our lives while my parents were with my sister at the hospital.  What was my 9 year old self doing as my sister was pushing Jorden into the world? Yeah... I was doing the "tookie tookie bird" on Z104 winning myself Bon Jovi tickets.  It was 1989, baby.  Too bad the station didn't give me the tickets because I was a kid.  I'm still mad at that.

Another random thought: Everyone needs to read "Blue Like Jazz." I love this book.  Donald Miller's random essays are fabulous. And today I read a description of grace that I still can't quite wrap my head around, but something inside of me says it's dead on: "The ability to accept God's uncontitional grace and ferocious love is all the fuel we need to obey Him in return." Whew. True that.

Random? check.

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Courtney said...

When you see Bon Jovi now does it make you think of my videos from the concert I showed you??? :) "WHOA WE'RE HALF WAY THERE...WHHOOAAA LIVING ON A PRAYER!" ahaahaha