Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bowling Night!

Img_2332 Sarah and Missi... The party's just getting started.

Img_2333 Guess Who?

Img_2342 The inner circle.  These are the people who worked so hard to help me get my footwork right. It's all about the feet!

Img_2338 Nice form Missi!

Img_2334 Mike Clark is all about the need for speed. The screen showed the MPH your ball was going, Mike had it at 22mph. Somebody pull him over!

Img_2337 EP Wells... ready for battle. Look at Tim! So serious - Only hard core bowlers roll up one sleeve... and those, that are in gangs, I suppose...

Img_2341 Go Steve!

Img_2345 Ooooohhhhh. Let the trash talking begin!

Img_2346 This picture is begging for a caption contest.  I don't remember what Maria was saying at the time, but the hand gestures are hilarious. And apparently they left Steve scratching his head...

Img_2347 Or, maybe that's some secret bowling move?

Img_2339 Here we have Tom. He's our 5pm producer... and apparently he's an Olympic bowler on the side. I'm pretty sure he's about to mow down all 10 pins and get ANOTHER strike here.

Img_2336 Paul... it's your turn!

Img_2348 What a fun night! We were all so sweaty by the end of it.  The first game, I bowled 102, which I'm pretty sure breaks a personal record... 2nd game was 56, I'm guessing to keep me humble. It worked.

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