Monday, May 7, 2007

After our night of sleep in the cramped quarters, which really qualifies more as a nap, we were ready to go to GMA.  That's Good Morning America for my non-newsie friends who aren't good with acronyms (Ann).  The producer I work with there, Tracy, was the best tour guide ever.  The tone for the tour was set when Tracy left us in the green room to go handle a crisis.  She gets back and says "Okay, crisis diverted." Leave it to Gretchen to be like, "What, did you say you farted?" AHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Totally broke the ice.  Tracy was our friend from there on out. She's in our crew.  Note: When I get to GMA, the first thing I'm doing is a coffee overhaul in the green room. Why is all coffee brewed in a professional environment so bad? I think this should be an election issue.  There HAS GOT to be something we as the American people can do about this tragedy.Gmawithtracy Tracydana

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