Thursday, April 19, 2007

Here I Come!

Harryconnickjrpicture1_2 Did you see Harry Connick Jr.'s face when he heard I am making the trip to New York to see him?  Too bad I've been Tivo-ing his 100 Biggest Weather Moments all week on The Weather Channel and Comcast has had the audio all screwed up!! Good thing Harry is nice just to look at.  I am so excited for New York Weekend with two of my favorite girls on the planet, Courtney and Gretchen.  We will likely break the record for laughs in a 3 day period. Seriously.  And, we're going behind the scenes at GMA. My nerdy news room better standby for more pictures!Aptvsamchampiongma


Gretchen said...

Ok, I have let this go all week, but Hello! You have real live pictures of this man, yet you have not updated. What up wit dat?

Michael said...

So funny! You know there are places for weird stalker chicks, right?