Thursday, March 22, 2007

It was so nice outside when I walked the dog this morning, I almost did a cartwheel.  This afternoon, when I woke up, the birds were chirping. Oh yeah BABY! Spring got the memo.

Speaking of Brokaw, his fame continues go grow to new levels:

Andrew, my morning anchor, gave Brokaw a shout out on his blog.  Brokaw and the peeps at WTAE are pals.  One of his favorites is my director, Lee, even though she wants to take him for a walk on the Parkway East.

Andrewandbrokaw Leeandbrokaw

And, this is a reason to add to your list of why you should always have a camera... As I was leaving work this morning, I saw something disturbing.  A pile of torsos. Yeah, that's right, torsos. I guess there was some sort of CPR training today.  Be that as it may, I was a little startled as I made my way through the lobby to my car...Img_1675

In other news... I am in countdown mode.  You know it's bad when you select a gallon of milk based because it's expiration date is really close to the start of your upcoming vacation.  That's where I'm at people. My milk is good until April 5th, and that's perfect, since I leave April 6th! (the milk will never last that long the way I drink milk, but still... the date means it's not too far away)

Finally, I would not be a good TV News producer if I didn't leave you with a tease... next time... my spiritual enlightenment about myspace.


Michael said...

I know how it is. Everybody goes ga ga over Princess too. I'll be sure to have fresh milk. What do you drink?

Gretchen said...

HA! This is too funny. Get the cap in yo a$$ pic up there!!