Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One more thing...

The Dixie Chicks taking home the Grammy's... what in the world?
Seriously, I realize I sleep all day long, but this wasn't their year, was it? I didn't even buy their new CD.

Bush haters... they're just cool now because no one likes the Prez.

Whatev... MJB is my girl, so happy for her!

While I'm here, some free thoughts on TV as well:

The Hills: Heidi is so stupid for being played by that guy that looks like a Chucky doll

Grey's Anatomy: I still love it, but is it me, or is that show getting crazy dramatic?

Gilmore Girls: Luke, Luke, Luke!! And again I say, Luke! and still, I'm not a Logan fan

Friday Night Lights: This is my new show (it better not get cancelled) Coach Taylor is soooo my new favorite TV man. That accent! Oh, and those eyes! Oh, and the messy hair? Love him. love. him.

Seriously, gotta go now and brave the blizzard to go to the mailbox, at least when I get back my BROWNIES will be done :)

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Cameron said...

On the Dixie Chicks Grammy issue... it's the liberals in Hollywood showing support for their own... everyone's calling it a comeback, when they still aren't selling CD's, most country stations won't play their music, and a number of their concerts were cancelled because no one was buying tickets. In other words, the liberals have singled out the ONLY "Country" artists they agree with politically.
In other news, have you heard about "The 1/2 Hour News Hour" coming on FoxNews? Needless to say, I'm intrigued. :)