Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh, Monday

I always have sleep issues on Monday.  It's noon, and I'm nowhere near as tired as I should be. :(

Brokaw is chewing on my cell phone bill.  I wish that meant he was planning to pay it.  I don't suppose he's planning to do that any more than he plans to digest the theology of the C.S. Lewis books he's chewed on in the past.  Wild man, I tell ya.

I am so over the Oscars. Is that okay?  I wrote a story this morning about "Oscar Fashion" and that was semi-fun, but seriously, what does it matter what these women wear? Like any of us are really going to rush out to buy a replica? Please. Where would I wear something like that?  I'd much rather have a knock-off designer bag, any day.

Only two more days left in the February ratings book.  I will be glad when it's over, I'm growing weary...

Ironic choice of words, since the message in church yesterday was about "Perseverance."  Perserverance is hard to spell.  It's even harder to live.  It was a good message. A nice reminder that we should keep on going because we are surrounded by people who love us, and are in this race with us.  A good image of the community God has us in.  I like feeling like I'm in the middle of that.  It makes me small.  Small is good.

Only 3 weeks until the Northway Oakland launch!  If you're in the Pittsburgh area, you should join

Okay, seriously, night-night time.

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