Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In My Mind...

I am officially declaring this week "Pretend it's Spring week."  Technically, spring starts in 21 days.  That's just three weeks my friends!  I can't wait. Bring on Spring!!  I have decided to act like it's warm outside, even though it's not.  So this weekend, I highlighted my hair and painted my toenails.  This morning I made a cold pasta salad, and lemonade, and I cut up a cantaloupe.  My car is loaded with "windows down" music like Jack Johnson, Tristan Prettyman, and Kenny Chesney.  I'm considering switching out my closets, even though I can't wear any spring/summer clothes just yet.  (The high today is 39) Yeah, that's a little crazy.  I don't need to be getting dressed in my office for the next month.

So... join me in my madness? We can fake it, until we make it!

Tonight is Bob Woodruff's return to ABC News. Don't forget. I saw his interview on GMA this morning and I was in tears! And he'll be on Oprah.  Fellow newsies, watch! 

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Michael said...

It has been easy to pretend it's spring with 70s. Eat your heart out. Oh! Bob'story has been tremendous.