Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm pretty sure I deserve an award for this...

Img_1543 Yes, that's an elliptical trainer. In my bedroom. Good morning!  And Yes, I put it together myself.  I'm good with a wrench.  It's one of my many skills.  Call me Miss Fix it. Go ahead. I'm trying to get into the at home workout.  My YMCA membership was free with the first year of my lease and now that it's run out, I just don't want to spend $40 a month on the Y, because we all know that's more of charitable donation than an actual investment in fitness. At least it is for me.  I bought the ET last weekend and have had 3 workouts on it so far.  It rocks like a rocking chair.  I wonder if I should have made myself sign some kind of liability agreement. Hmm... hopefully I don't break any bones or end up falling through the floor.  Every time I get on it Brokaw barks.  He's probably warning me of danger, although I'd like to thing he's cheering me on.  I like it, I think. (the at home workout)  We'll see. I better do it because unlike a treadmill, I think this would make a lousy laundry drying rack.

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