Tuesday, January 16, 2007

wine in the mornin'

Yep. That's what I'm having right now. A glass of wine... at 10am. Don't panic, it's "pm" for me, since I get OFF work in the morning.  Oh, that "try not to work as much" resolution I made for the week... today I failed. 10 hours. Hhmmff.

And when I was driving home, it was SNOWING. It is beautiful, the snow, isn't it? I think my favorite thing about snow is its silence. Amazing. Breathtaking. And I'm glad most of it is going to fall today, during the day, when I'm asleep in my bed and my car is nestled in my garage.

Img_1085 Img_1088


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christin said...

ooohhh goodness. you just made me want to go to sleep.
and i will always remember our favorite - Lorelai Gilmore - and her quote about the snow, something like, you can feel it before it starts, the world gets quiet, and still, and it feels like something special is about to happen. so true.