Thursday, January 25, 2007

I have to make this quick...

How is it that the "during the week" part of the week feels like it doesn't really exist? Let me recap my week for you:

I fell asleep Sunday. They named a new Steelers coach, Mike Tomlin.  The President addressed the nation.  It snowed. It snowed. It snowed. It snowed.

Now, I just woke back up and it's my Friday!! I don't know what's up with the coma I've been in this week, but I'll take it.  I just have to get through one night of work tonight and then it will be the WEEKEND, yay.

I don't know what is up with me organizing posts lately in numbers (we all know I have a no math policy and do not like numbers, but whatev) here you go:

1. Mike Tomin got the job. Yay. He was the one I wanted all along. :)

2. Poor President Bush. I wish the media would stop beating him down. Isn't it enough? And (gasp) I was even mad at NBC this week! I thought David Gregory's piece on Today was totally one sided the next morning, compared to GMA. Go ahead, gasp again.

3. I love my dad. Can I just get that out there? I just do. He gets me in weird ways like the State of the Union = the Super Bowl for him too. Don't ask, we just dig this stuff. Plus, he reads cool smart books that I could never attempt, like the one he's reading now about World War One.

4. You know how I was going on and on the other day about the beauty and majesty of the snow? Yeah, I'm over it. It was my understanding that snow eventually melted. Is that not true anymore? I apparently own NO shoes that are snow-proof. I think I'm going to get gang green.

5. The people I work with, well, rock. They supplied me with lots of stuff for this weekend. I plan on making a Dana print on my couch, watching the British version of The Office (thanks Nick) and my Matthew McConaughey movie collection (thanks Rege) -- and whomever sent our newsroom that as a press kit, may the good Lord bless you. (note: all of my friends that put together press kits, that is a really good idea -- give the Executive Producer Matthew, she'll love you forever)

6. You must go to Gretchen's blog and read about our Thai adventures. Trust me, you must. Follow the link to your left.  You will so wish you could go to dinner with us. Now, that's entertainment! (also: shout out to Gretchen for some of the most. amazing. coffee. ever. ever.)

7. One year ago, this week, was my last week at WAVY. I can't believe I've been here a year.  Why do I still feel new to the area? Am I slow or something?

8. I've been listening to the old Norah Jones CD all week and it's so romantic.  I have kind of been a man-hater in recent months, but I think Norah is changing the tide for me. That CD makes me want to be in someone's arms. I don't get it. But I kind of like it. Weird, huh?

Eight is enough, right? Good, because I'm way off schedule tonight.  I have to take in my news online (gasp).  I didn't wake up from my coma in time to watch all that I had tivo'd in my sleep.  So Long... :)

Quickly.. one cute puggle pic:Brokawsnowwide

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Cameron said...

Aye, the State of the Union IS the political Super Bowl. (Elections are like the draft picks.) Really long season, though.
Go team!