Sunday, December 10, 2006

Seriously, is it really December?

When I wasn't looking -- time flew by. Seriously -- it's December? Really? I know there is snow on the ground, there are Christmas decorations in my house -- but really? This year is almost over? Someone pinch me! No -- don't -- I may actually be asleep when I'm supposed to be, and that would be a shame to be awakened.

I am so messed up sleepwise.  Case in point: this weekend was like this. Off Friday at 9am. "Nap" at 1:30pm. Woke up at 8pm. Back asleep. Awake at 3am (wide awake, cleaned out my garage awake) Saturday alseep at 6:45pm. Awakened by phone call (thanks Ann, just kidding!) at midnight. Back asleep. Back awake (wide awake with no other available undone house chores) at 3:00am. Back asleep. Missed church. Missed Meet The Press. Seriously!! What in the world??!?!

This week I have to do one of the things I dread just as much as things like doing word problems in math -- go to get my driver's license/vehicle registration changed to PA. I thought I would be able to skate by for say... 3 years or so... with my VA info. Not so much. I have received my "2nd notice" from PA's Governor. Scary letter. Okay! I'll register. Happy taxes!! I soooo dread doing this. I am sooo bad at getting important things done. I don't know why l'm like that. Things that don't really matter -- like Christmas shopping for myself -- no problem. Registering my car in the proper state, however, seems to take, oh, I don't know... 10 months or so.  Go figure.

My apologies to those of you who miss my frequent posts. Please see above for sleeping issues.  It's tricky being a vampire.

Here is a picture recap of what you have missed recently:

Img_0276_1 Brokaw is still a peanut butter - aholic.

His adorable new skill - "sit pretty."


Happy Happy Birthday Gretchen!!


Img_0548 Img_0551

Anyone else think I should change the name of this blog to "dog blog"?? Sorry that's all I ever write about.  I have no life.

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