Saturday, December 30, 2006

See For Yourself..,

I'm really feeling the picture posts.  Here is the visual version of Christmas '07.

The long road home: (not as long as the last trip I took thanks to Becky Barber and her williness to look up the VDOT hotline -- I still haven't made up with Interstate 95 after that July 4th weekend nightmare)  I went 81 to 64 and it was long, but moving the whole time.  Brokaw enjoyed the ride, he just slept and slept... and wandered around the SUV on top of the massive amount of "yard sale" fuel I was transporting to the OBX for my mother...

Img_0800 Img_0799 Img_0805 Img_0802 Img_0809

1 comment:

Becky said...

Shout out to the VDOT hotline. Woo hoo!
Glad to help. :)