Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree

  Randomness_005Randomness_007_1One more thing regarding Christmas decorations... who needs ornaments?  My tree this  year is a little... different. Naked. Last Year's Tree:


This year's tree:Brokaw ate one glass bulb... and I, fearing the worst (puggle surgery and paying for it) took them all off. I miss the ornaments. It's a little weird having a naked tree in the living room.  Oh well, it's puppy-proof I suppose.


1 comment:

christin said...

i can't believe he ate a glass ornament!!!! insane. poor pugglemomma.
I have that same STBX ornament!!! of course I do. of course WE do.
fab tree. i don't think it looks naked at all! If yours is naked then mine is practically skeletal!