Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Never Looking Back

I am not the best about keeping up with self-maintenance. It's terrible, I know. It's also genetic.  Anyways, I finally went to the eye doctor after about 4 years and finally got new glasses!! The funniest part of the office visit was when the guy actually questioned the fact that my eyes were "bloodshot." Seriously, Doctor. I'm not on drugs.  I have a crazy new work schedule and I never sleep. I swear! 

It is incredible to look through the lenses.  It's like I have HDTV.  My new glasses actually work so well I had to take them off at work last night because I was getting a headache seeing... so... well.

Img_0198_1Here I am looking very smart and important making a very smart/important phone call to high ranking officials.  Actually I think it was more like, "I'll have the chicken and brocolli and one cup of egg drop soup. Delivered."

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