Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'll Keep This One Short

Commitment 2006. Decision 2006. Your Vote 2006.  The Networks all had their coverage of Election Day and I think they were all good. NBC wins my vote, hands down.  Williams. Brokaw. Russert. You compete with that. Just try.

So, the Democrats took control of Congress. Big wup. America is ready for a change.  The people spoke.  I think this swift to the left is only temporary. I'm not going to panic.  Frankly, I'm just glad elections are over and we can stop watching those awful commercials.

The only thing I'm torn up about is George Allen.  I can't believe Jim Webb beat him. Slimeball. Dirty campaign. George, you'll be back, I know it, and I will always love you. 

So is the life of a Red girl in a Blue state... I've got the Blue State Blues...Allengeorgevirginiasenatorthumb

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