Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Brokaw Update

Now you don't expect me to publish a mass-blog fest without a puppy update, do you? Don't you know me?

Img_0183_1Brokaw puggle is fully grown, much to my heart's dismay.  I miss my 6lb buddy.  He's pushing 22 lbs!! And he can read! Ha.

The latest story regarding Mr. grown up:  So, when my schedule changed to working overnights Brokaw had issues going in his crate.  He was confused, wanted me to chase him around the house.  Not having it, I started bribing him by putting peanut butter in his kong toy and luring him into the crate.  Now, 3 weeks later, the poor puppy so strongly associates peanut butter with going in the crate that the other day I made MYSELF a peanut butter sandwich and he went and sat in the crate!! He was handsomely rewarded.Img_0219Img_0224



Courtney said...

Wow. He is good! He even reads upside down!! :)

Becky said...

That's awesome. I put peanut butter in Radar's kong too when i put him in the crate at night...but he hasn't gotten as smart as Brokaw yet! Here's to hoping!! :)