Wednesday, November 29, 2006

1st day of Hunting Season

Apparently hunting is BIG in Western PA.  I can't bear the thought of "bagging a buck," but Brokaw decided to celebrate in his own right.  Poor stuffed mouse. May you rest in peace.

Img_0421 Img_0425Img_0420

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Colby!

Today my nephew, Colby, turns 15!! I remember the first time I met him.  He was so small and he was sitting in a baby swing.  Two things came to mind. 1. I can't believe he has brown hair -- how cute! and 2. I am afraid to touch him.

I was only 12 at the time.  Colby is growing up so fast and he is becoming a young man and I am SOOO proud of him. I love you Colbster!

Colby Colby3yrs

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Brokaw Update

Now you don't expect me to publish a mass-blog fest without a puppy update, do you? Don't you know me?

Img_0183_1Brokaw puggle is fully grown, much to my heart's dismay.  I miss my 6lb buddy.  He's pushing 22 lbs!! And he can read! Ha.

The latest story regarding Mr. grown up:  So, when my schedule changed to working overnights Brokaw had issues going in his crate.  He was confused, wanted me to chase him around the house.  Not having it, I started bribing him by putting peanut butter in his kong toy and luring him into the crate.  Now, 3 weeks later, the poor puppy so strongly associates peanut butter with going in the crate that the other day I made MYSELF a peanut butter sandwich and he went and sat in the crate!! He was handsomely rewarded.Img_0219Img_0224


Never Looking Back

I am not the best about keeping up with self-maintenance. It's terrible, I know. It's also genetic.  Anyways, I finally went to the eye doctor after about 4 years and finally got new glasses!! The funniest part of the office visit was when the guy actually questioned the fact that my eyes were "bloodshot." Seriously, Doctor. I'm not on drugs.  I have a crazy new work schedule and I never sleep. I swear! 

It is incredible to look through the lenses.  It's like I have HDTV.  My new glasses actually work so well I had to take them off at work last night because I was getting a headache seeing... so... well.

Img_0198_1Here I am looking very smart and important making a very smart/important phone call to high ranking officials.  Actually I think it was more like, "I'll have the chicken and brocolli and one cup of egg drop soup. Delivered."

Heritage Park

There is this park that is not too far from my house where I love to take my dog. Brokaw loves running with the other dogs at the dog park.  Big or small.  He doesn't discriminate.  Recently, I took him one morning after I got off work and he was the only one there.  He still had fun and I decided to get a little arty with my digital camera.

Img_0080 Img_0086Img_0082_1 Img_0135_2

Img_0101 Img_0133_1

I'll Keep This One Short

Commitment 2006. Decision 2006. Your Vote 2006.  The Networks all had their coverage of Election Day and I think they were all good. NBC wins my vote, hands down.  Williams. Brokaw. Russert. You compete with that. Just try.

So, the Democrats took control of Congress. Big wup. America is ready for a change.  The people spoke.  I think this swift to the left is only temporary. I'm not going to panic.  Frankly, I'm just glad elections are over and we can stop watching those awful commercials.

The only thing I'm torn up about is George Allen.  I can't believe Jim Webb beat him. Slimeball. Dirty campaign. George, you'll be back, I know it, and I will always love you. 

So is the life of a Red girl in a Blue state... I've got the Blue State Blues...Allengeorgevirginiasenatorthumb

20061107nbctodaybrokaw Redbluemap360

Now this is just Scary

Gretchen and Jason were kind enough to invite me to a Halloween party.  And Gretchen even let me borrow a costume.  Basically, they sponsored all the fun.  I had a blast. I was a little bit apprehensive about being a Playboy Bunny but once I had those ears, cuffs, and the bunny tail on, I was ready to go.  And these pictures have gotten more attention on my myspace page than I have in the past several years. Have at it:

Img_0169 BunnyandpirateImg_0168_1 Img_0176 Img_0181

Happy Birthday to Me

October 19th, I turned 27.  27. Wow, rounding the curve I'd say.  It's not too bad.  I was able to fly home and see my whole family which always makes for a good time.  I love that crazy bunch.  Everyone's family is crazy, you realize that, right?

Img_0014Here my sister is looking at Dave like he's crazy.  Dave appears to be in denial.

Img_0026Aaahhh, yes. The always problematic, however always sentimental three generation picture.  A nice showing my my mom and granny... me, wow. So that's what spending all day in the air looks like? How did my hips turn into gianormous hams?  Please note the balloon and the bear. 27 people.

Img_0031Here is Brayden, my 5 year old nephew. He was so much fun to watch at the Japanese steakhouse.  When you're 5, it's incredibly cool to be instructed to catch food with your mouth at the dinner table. Priceless.

Img_0033Here we have my two older nephews, Jorden (17) and Colby (almost 15). These goofballs. They couldn't get past the fact that our Japanese chef seemed to have a problem pronouncing his "S's." I threatened to post this picture on their myspace pages... now that, my friends, is Aunt Power.

Img_0044_1Now what do we have here? Gee... my beautiful brother, Chris, snapping a picture of his beautiful self and my beautiful sister, Tracy.  Can you imagine what it's like being the middle child in between these two? Seriously. Torture. I was feeling really frumpy that night.

Img_0046And last but not least, we have cousin Natalie. Hands down, one of the funniest people on the planet. She is shown here hiding her schnoz. Hey, it's nowhere near as big as your beer! I luv you cuzzin. You iz beautiful.

Img_0213This is my uber-cheesy face the moment Kate and I met. Kate, as in my new hot pink Kate Spade wallet. And this is not a knock-off. It's my first real designer-anything really.  Thankfully Aunt Clara was on the moment with the disposable camera like I am turning four.  I love that wallet.  Now, if I could just fill it up!

Hello world!!

So, here I am. I'm baaaaack. Ha!  I am getting used to my new job and my new sleep schedule. Or, better but, my lack of sleep schedule.

Let's see, where did we leave off?

Man, we missed a lot.  You still haven't had the full Birthday/Homecoming report from October.

The Democrats took control of Congress.  Reese & Ryan broke up.  And I got new glasses.  I think those are the big headlines.  I shall begin blogging now.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I am still alive

Hello friends. Sorry I disappeared.  You can rest.  I am still alive.  My schedule has changed to working overnights and I haven't figured out when to sleep/eat/blog.. you get the picture.  Please be patient.  There are all kinds of funny/inspirational/life changing moments I shall share with you, and some pretty funny pictures, as soon as I am able.  Well, perhaps I should back off the "life changing/inspirational" bit but I promise the pictures will make you smile.  Take care, and if you're the praying type... please add me to your list.  I need help from above with this adjustment.  Love you all. DB