Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dog Day

I enjoyed a weekend of free stuff!! Oh, the perks of working at a television station. :)  Saturday was "dog day." Yeah, I know, I blog way too much about my dog. Yeah, yeah... you know that by now, get over it.  Hello! I don't really have a life -- just a puppy!

Saturday I took Brokaw to "Pugapalooza" then to the Pittsburgh Pet Expo.  At Pugapalooza, he saw his best puggle friend, Ginger.  At the Expo, he dressed up in his embarassing bumble bee costume.  No, he didn't win. Can you believe it?  Oh well.  It's not his fault.  I should have been more creative.  I guess some people have more time, energy and money than I did in buying a manufactured costume at Target.  He was a cute little stinger, though!



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