Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Peace Out!

Early tomorrow morning... I am flying home to VA. Birthday celebration. High School homecoming. It will be a busy, fun four days and I can't wait.

I leave you with this random thought to ponder:

The only thing worse than a Christmas sweater or vest is a Halloween sweater or vest.  Please, stop. Don't make it. Don't wear it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rainy Tuesday

This morning is awesome, as far as mornings go.  It's dark and rainy.  The world seems like it's moving slow.  My coffee is perfect and hot. I turned the heat off, so now I can actually breathe.  Thank God.  The only problem? My little guy won't "go" outside.  Brokaw takes one step out the back door, realizes it's raining, jets back inside and relieves himself on my floor!! That booger! Img_0168 Katy and I agree -- that's gross.Img_0179

Headline: Home Cooked Meal

Now, I'm not really a cook.  I'm not *not* a cook.  I'm just not a full on, everyday, makes my own recipes up, spends a lot of time in the kitchen, cook.  Every now and then I can make brownies, cookies, spaghetti.  You get the drift.  It's not that I'm incapable or don't enjoy cooking... it's more like I am an instant gratification kind of girl, and stopping at Panera on my way home is usually the ticket.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a recipe in Real Simple magazine that made my taste buds dance immediately.  I had to try this.  I dreamed about it for a few days, then Sunday, I finally had some time to pull it off.

Check it out: Roasted Chicken with Balsamic Peaches. Oh yeah baby!  You wish you were at my house for dinner! (I do too, because while it was wonderful, I have a feeling that by Wednesday, I'm going to be a little over it) I also made homemade mac 'n cheese.  Let the Fall/Winter nesting begin!!


This is what 30 Degrees Looks Like

Img_0169_1Sunday morning, I was a good girl.  I got up early, got ready, and left for church.  It was all good.  I was happy as I got into my SUV.

Then, as I pulled it outside... I saw it.  The mammoth frost.  It looked more like snow!  It was so freezing, my teeth were chattering. Seriously. Look at this stuff!! I know it was frost, yada, yada, yada. But home in VA, this may be considered snow.  People would freak out (including me), schools would close.  Malls would open late. Salt would be poured, hot chocolate handed out, and we would lead with weather.Img_0172 Img_0173

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Steelers win! Yay.  I'm so glad because this city gets down right DEPRESSED when they don't.  Seriously.  Last Monday, it felt like someone had died in the newsroom. Phew. Good job boys.0000930220126_lg

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Baby Brayden is 5!!

I forgot to mention this the other day but my precious angel baby nephew turned FIVE YEARS OLD.  He is growing up too fast!1268304795_l

This morning I woke up at 5am.  Wide awake.  No reason.  I jumped on my local YMCA page, only to notice they have a new fall class schedule that is much more accommodating to my schedule.  I laced up and went to a 6am class.  I thought I was going to DIE. Right there on the step. Die. at 26. at the Y.

I survived.  Where's my gold star?  I feel like Pittsburgh should throw me a parade on the parkway on my way into work today.  We'll see how that goes.

Other random thoughts in my head this morning:

1. North Korea is getting on my nerves.

2. I wish I had a coffee maker on my desk at work. period.

3. It better NOT snow here on Thursday. Or else.

4. Don't talk to me about Gilmore Girls.  Not yet.  I tivo'd it.

5. I have a big crush on Bob Harper.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Brokaw is no longer a man.  There goes the only set of male organs I have been close to in a really long time.  Farewell.   He was pretty pitiful and groggy last night but this morning all is well.  He has already eaten an ink pen and chewed on a pair of underwear.  Life goes on.

Img_0144 Img_0138Img_0140

Andy Warhol

enImg_0135_1Sunday... more free stuff!  There was a chance to see some of Pittsburgh's galleries and museums this weekend for free, so I figured I'd get out and get cultured.  I hit the Andy Warhol museum.  If you don't know who he is, don't feel bad... wiki it!  My trip to the Andy Warhol museum was, well, interesting.  I toured the galleries, bought a post card and had a fabulous sandwich in the museum cafe'.  Turkey and roasted red pepper on toasted wheat with a side of fresh pasta salad.  I pretty much concluded by the end of my trip, however, that I am just not all that cultured, no matter how hard I try.  The sandwich was my favorite part.  I think Andy Warhol was a troubled soul, talented, but troubled.  I do like his work of celebrity portraits, commercial labels and shoed though.. the naked men, I could do without. Img_0129Img_0130 Img_0133


Dog Day

I enjoyed a weekend of free stuff!! Oh, the perks of working at a television station. :)  Saturday was "dog day." Yeah, I know, I blog way too much about my dog. Yeah, yeah... you know that by now, get over it.  Hello! I don't really have a life -- just a puppy!

Saturday I took Brokaw to "Pugapalooza" then to the Pittsburgh Pet Expo.  At Pugapalooza, he saw his best puggle friend, Ginger.  At the Expo, he dressed up in his embarassing bumble bee costume.  No, he didn't win. Can you believe it?  Oh well.  It's not his fault.  I should have been more creative.  I guess some people have more time, energy and money than I did in buying a manufactured costume at Target.  He was a cute little stinger, though!



Thursday, October 5, 2006

Guess who came to the 'burgh?

My sister!! Yay!  She and her mom popped in for just one night, on their way to Michigan.  It was short, but sweet, and now I think they completely understand why when I'm driving, I'm lost... 90% of the time.

Img_0058Brokaw was not feeling that picture.  This is much more like it:Img_0048 Such a happy, growing puggle!

This is code for: Makes Dana's Day


A new lens on life

Last Friday night I got my new digital camera.  Sponsored by my Granny Nora, one of THE most fabulous people on the planet.

Saturday, I took it to the strip district.  I have blogged about the strip before.  It is WONDERFUL.  Think American farmers' market meets Europe, only in Pittsburgh.  I love it.  This trip was a little cold, but I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte' along for the trip, so it was just fine.

My day, in pictures: (be warned -- I am not wearing any makeup)

Img_0020 Img_0022

Img_0016Img_0021_1 Img_0027 Img_0028 Img_0029 Img_0030 Img_0032 Img_0037