Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Katie's Big Night

So last night I rushed home to see the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. (even though I already had my Tivo set -- yes, I got my DVR on Friday (freaky cable guy by the way, but we'll save that for another post))

Here are my thoughts:

1. Off lead!  Afghanistan? Yes, there is important news going on there and I agree that the network news media has somewhat neglected the original "War on Terror," but the President began a whole new series of speeches on the WOT yesterday and they could have at least weaved that in. (I'm not flying my "liberal alert" flag just yet... I'm just saying... I noticed)

2. Katie's voice!! Did you hear it.  It's completely different. Hey, I can relate, all women sound a little more manly at 7am than they do at 7pm, but geez... she sounded like a completely different person.  More feminine, which she and CBS obviously aren't afraid of... and I think that's cool.

3. A white blazer -- the day after Labor Day?!? Just kidding. I think it's just funny how many people will write/blog/talk about this today just because she's Katie Couric.  America is obsessed with her hair/legs/clothing choices/shoes. It's a strange back-handed compliment I guess.

I enjoyed the fast pace of the show, thought the lead story was a little off... I LOVED the "kicker" (which is a TV term for the story towards the end of a newscast that may be a little uplifting or fluffy) with Steve Hartman and the story of the guy who is giving portraits to kids in 3rd world countries.  It was touching. One more thing... I am considering going back online and watching again to count the website plugs... geez!! (we're so guilty of this in local news too -- but when you hear "go to our website" like 9 times, it's like "okay, okay, okay Katie -- I'll go log on right now)

side note: apparently a lot of people took the order because I have a friend who couldn't watch the newscast online because so many people were on at once!

(by the way -- another cool groundbreaking thing about the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric -- it's simulcast online!)

That's all for now... since Katie doesn't have a concrete way to sign off her broadcast, I don't feel a need to have something consistent either.  But don't worry... I won't ask you to go to my website and make suggestions.


Here's a link to the Washington Post review:

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