Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hey Strangers

I don't know why I just haven't felt like blogging a lot lately.  Maybe because sometimes it doesn't seem like I have much of a life.  Who wants to read the blog of a loser?  Seriously, my digital camera broke... and what fun is blogging with no visual aids?  Okay... enough of the Eeor talk. I'll pin my tail back on and get going.

First thing's first.  I got up extra early today and made it to Target in order to buy the new Kenny Chesney CD and 6th season of Gilmore Girls on DVD.  It is truly amazing how a girl that manages to make it to work (technically) on time only about once a week, can get up, showered, coffeed, and in and out of Target by 9am.  Perhaps if Kenny, Rory and Lorelai were waiting for me each morning I would have more incentive.  The CD is amazing and makes the inside of my car feel like I'm at a Kenny Chesney concert.  I haven't had a chance to watch the DVD's yet, but I'm sure they won't disappoint.  Oh, and I owe Rory & Lorelai one.  I got a $5.00 gift card to spend at a later date at my favorite place on earth for buying the DVD. Those girls know how to please.

In other news... Brokaw is back to school.  He's going to "clicker training" on Tuesday nights. Basically, he'll learn to do things on command with this little piece of plastic that when you push it, amazingly, clicks.  He loves school, and I'm not one to hold a genius dog back from fulfilling his full potential, so here we go again!  Brokaw loves seeing John the trainer again because he equates him with treats. :)

Okay, now I guess I should deliver on my tease:

1.  Trip to Roanoke: it was a blast, as usual.  I have a special place in my heart for the Star city.  Probably because that's really the first place I experienced life as an adult.  The highlight of the trip was Ann and I eating at this posh place called Metro.  It's the kind of place that serves 47 different martinis and tiny pieces of raw meat for $40.00. We had both. The first was amazing. The latter was easier for me to take than Ann, but she was a much cleaner eater.  Only my plate was clean. The posh white table cloth? not so much.

2. (I already told you about Brokaw going back to school)

3. 091306viera Hugh_jackman Meredith, welcome to TODAY!! I heart Meredith Vieira.  She stepped right into America's First Family and didn't miss a step.  She gets bonus points for showing me the beautiful picture of Matt Lauer's ripped torso that was in People Magazine and at least one "cool point" (remember those -- ha!) for having a hamster named Al back in the day.  Al didn't seem to be too amused, but I had a hamster growing up too, so therefore Meredith and I have something in common.  It's a stretch, yeah... I know. Whatever.  Oh, I also like the Today Show's new set, but he "bug" in the lower right hand corner (that's TV talk for the little graphic that has the time & temp) is too flashy and the animation loops too fast.  They need to slow that down.

4. 10 year reunion.  So, this October, I will fly home for Indian River High School's homecoming game.  It will mark 10 years since my senior year's homecoming.  I can't wait to see old friends, even if they are bald, wrinkled and fat.

5. Weight watchers and cost cutters: this is how I am taking action currently so that I look decent at the above mentioned homecoming. I've put on a few lb's since I moved to the 'burgh.  I have to weigh in tomorrow night, I'll let you know how I do.  Cost cutters just so happened to be next door to the Weight Watchers center and I desperately needed a haircut so, I figured, "Hey -- what can it hurt?"  Yeah.  Apparently it can hurt my bangs.  The girl cut them way too short!! The good news is they will grow back pretty quickly and I'm only out about 12 bucks.  I need to get my hair highlighted again soon, then I will be able to go back to Michael, my hair dresser.  I'm too embarrassed right now since I've been doing my own color.  Embarrassing for any grown, self respecting woman with a decent paying job. I know. Shameless.

5. Imagec9e14082d6164ccb8285c78a5be82b2c Mayor Luke the media darling: I've lost some momentum on this one. After Mayor O'Connor died, the 26 year old president of Pittsburgh's city council, Luke Ravenstahl, became mayor.  I used to have a crush on him.  Now, I'm kind of burnt out on Luke.  He's been on ABC, CNN and David Letterman, just because he's 26.  Seriously, people, he's not Doogie Howser.  It's not that hard to be 26 and make decisions.  I do it all day long.

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Tony Hartsock said...

it was good to hear about what and how you are doing...especially since you are doing well...
have you found a home church up there yet?
also mayor luke...i didn't know about him or anything...is he actually doing a decent job?