Thursday, August 31, 2006


August2006_007Hello All.  Sorry I haven't blogged for your reading pleasure in a while.  It's not that I haven't had exciting adventures to share... it's just, well, who cares, right?  Excuses, excuses.

Tomorrow is September 1st.  Yay!  I am looking forward to September for the following reasons:

1. New season of Gilmore Girls

2. New season of Grey's Anatomy

3. Real football and fantasy football

4. Kenny Chesney's new CD

5. Season 6 of Gilmore Girls on DVD

6. Fall clothes (bring on the brown)

Is everyone ready?! 

Here are some of the highlights of my life that I meant to blog about but didn't.

Last weekend I saw my dear friend Ann for a post-birthday/back to school shopping extravaganza.  I won't disclose her real age... partly because I am a real friend and partly because we all know that everyone's on myspace and if you want to know their age, you already do. Sorry Ann.  Ann and I discovered a fabulous new store called "Janeville." Cute clothes!! But there's no Janeville in Pennsylvania, and I checked not worth the work to type it in.  Hello people, get a real website!  I visited a Pottery Barn outlet for the first time in my life (this could have been amazing, had I had the funding) Oh, and Brokaw is now the proud owner of a Coach collar. (please hold your comments... we all know this dog is rotten, ruined, spoiled and the light of my life)

August2006_018_1Let's see... what else did you miss?  Well... are you sick of hearing about Brokaw? No? Good.  Well, I'll have you know he has become quite active in the community.  He graduated from puppy school with a 4.0.  August2006_065(shout out to John -- the world's greatest dog trainer) He has started attending "small dog socials" alternating Mondays... he went to "pup night" at PNC Park the other night and he has a hawaiian shirt.  That's just about it.  I don't have much of a life to report but my dog is livin' large. August2006_019

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ann said...

I am glad that I made the blog!!