Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Rough Start

I am like a newborn baby.  Get me off my sleep schedule, and you'll pay, for at least a week.  So I'm tired and grumpy and I have had 3 really bad hair days in a row.

Hi :)

This morning I had plans for a beautiful am brew at Panera with one of those blissful cinnamon crunch bagels topped with low fat hazelnut cheese.  Yeah right.  20 minutes of struggling with my problem mane.. and I ended up having to make a pit stop at Sheets.  Okay.  Decent coffee.

Then... I got behind this perfect girl.  She had the body of an Olympic athlete, the tan of a teenage lifeguard and perfectly straight hair.  Did you get that, perfect hair -- on a hot, humid, hazy day that is so HHH we're under an advisory.  It's difficult for some people to breathe in this air, and very difficult for others to have decent hair.  So there I am, in line with my Star bucks double shot in one hand and my XL construction worker-sized styrofoam Sheets cup of coffee in the other hand (yeah, I was THAT tired) and I'm behind a shorter version of Gabrielle Reese buying a giant bottle of Evian.  Ew. Get a real job!  No self-respecting working professional buys a bottle of Evian at 8:15 in the morning. 

Anyway, so that forced me to call my sister, who, right on cue, completely agreed with me that we should hate that girl.  So we do. Her and her Evian.


christin said...

I'm with you on the perfect girl. She must die. And get a freakin' cup of caffeine, ya know? Plus who buys Evian anymore???? we all know it spells "Naive".

Gretchen said...

I heard that girl farts and walks away, plus she picks her nose and eats it. She needs the Evian to wash them down. She will pay.