Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Weekend Update

Speaking of weekend update, did you hear Tina Fey is leaving SNL?  Tragic. 

Today I have to work. It's Sunday.  Isn't that WRONG.  No, really, isn't that WRONG?  So far today I have done nothing but laundry, drink okay home brew coffee, and referee the puppy and the cat.  Sometimes it feels like Animal Planet around here.  I couldn't try another church today because in just moments I'll have to roll in to work.  I can tell you right now, that barring some horrible, flaming plane crash, or world leader's unexpected death, tonight's lead story will be the start of Camp Cowher.  Welcome to Pittsburgh.

Back to the church thing for a moment, then back to the Steelers, K?  So, last weekend I tried this charming little Baptist church down the street.  Not for me.  I knew within the first moment I stepped into the sanctuary.  Am I a horrible, judgmental Christian?  Sorry... I just knew when I didn't see a drums, or even a guitar, or even a KEYBOARD for that matter... that it wasn't me.  When the Minister of Music said we were going to be singing "The 1st verse of Hymn 33, then the first 2 verses of Hymn 131," I knew I was in trouble.  Let me start out by saying I think Hymns are BEAUTIFUL.  And I love 19th century literature... there were many brilliant minds in that time.  That type of song is just not for me, that type of setting.  I'm a more modern "worship" kind of girl.  Not that "worship" is just singing, it's the way you live your life.  As Louie Giglio says, we're all worshipers, we're just not all worshiping the same thing.  So, the church search will continue next weekend.  Whew.

Now, back to the Steelers.  Saturday morning I went down to the Strip District.  Non Pittsburghers, think European market meets rural farm market meets the streets of NYC.  It's so great.  Live bongo playing, fresh bread baking, mom and pop shops selling things with no tax.  If it's $4.00, it's $4.00.  No credit cards. Some checks.  I love it.  There's fresh bread, fresh coffee, fresh cheese, superb chocolate (I think, I didn't partake in that).  Brokaw and I walked around for the better part of 2 hours, I came home with a Steelers jersey, a loaf of fresh asagio cheese bread, some perfectly ripe peaches, and some homemade doggie treats.  I also enjoyed a freshly squeezed cup of lemonade for $2.00, yeah, $2.00.

A_ward_412So, the Steelers jersey... this is a big commitment for a Pittsburgher.  Which jersey do you support?  Now, I was instructed to think long and hard before purchasing the jersey.  You're going to wear this for every game.  Possibly, for years.   You need a jersey with staying power.  You don't want someone who's going to get traded (Randle El) or arrested (Holmes).  Ideally, you would wear a jersey of the player who most accurately portrays you.  Sorry Big Ben, if I ever did ride a motorcycle, I would wear a helmet, before I had a near death experience.  So..... drum roll.... I got #86.  Hines Ward.  Superbowl MVP, awesome smile, always poised and grateful, I heart Hines.  I will sport his jersey this season. :)  Go Ward!!

Okay, I'm almost off to work.  A couple of updates.  Brokaw's bark seems to be a little better.  Giving him a pill everyday has its challenges.  We went to Petsmart Friday night and bought a new lockup.  We'll see how that goes tonight. And I think I've found a solution for his reading problem:


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