Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Return of the Mac

Hello everyone!  I am back from my trip to Virginia.  The good news is I practically saw everyone on this planet that I am related to.  The bad news is I spent about 24 hours in my vehicle.

I will never again refer to my morning commute as a "traffic nightmare."  No.  Driving on I-95 on July 4th weekend, however, constitutes using the term traffic nightmare.  Look it up on wikipedia, and I'm pretty sure you'll see me, and thousands of other people, sitting on the interstate. Going about 5.  Yeah, 5. Five by the way, is also the number of hours it took me to get from DC to Richmond.  Yeah.  It normally takes about an hour and a half!!

Okay, so enough complaining.  It's over, it was worth it, I get it, blah, blah, blah.

Granny is doing better.   Her birthday bash was short, but fun.  Brokaw was a big hit with everyone.  My mother and her sister are both still alive and well, as far as I know, and oh yeah, have I mentioned lately how much I want to be like my sister when I grow up?

Pictures coming soon.

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