Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mornin' Y'all!!

It's hot in the Steel City these days!  Whew!

So, I never have time to post in the evening... here I go at my first attempt at a morning post.  Now, I am a very busy girl in the morning, so there's a 40% chance this won't make any sense.

I like mornings though.  The bed is so comfortable and soothing.  The coffee is fresh and hot and aaahhhhh.  I love breakfast.  And the puppy is really cute and excited but not an an uncontrollable way win the morning.

Okay, enough about mornings.  Let me catch you up.  This weekend I went to the Goo Goo Dolls/Counting Crows concert -- so much fun!!  And the lead singer for Counting Crows (I'm not a giant fan, forgive me, I don't know his name, even though I've been singing Counting Crows songs for more than 10 years now "Mr. Jones and me...") was really funny!

Side note: Courtney, remember when we went on that trip to West Virgina with your dad & Susan and we forgot all of our CDs except Counting Crows?  We had every song memorized by the time we got home.  Not that we owned that many CDs at that point because they were still new, but I'm pretty sure we had Pearl Jam and Radiohead. Ha.

Local news is funny sometimes.  Yesterday was a case in point.  There are the things you always have to cover that are so quintessentially "local news."  Fatal Fire.  Heat Wave.  Stick a thermometer in a car and watch it heat up "over the 90 minutes."  Okay, so we did all of that.  No biggie.  Oh -- but yesterday, a story I have NEVER covered in my measly 7 years of experience. A woman was mauled by a pack of wolves. Her wolves! 11 of them.  It was so WEIRD.

In other news... Brokaw is in his 2nd week of puppy kindergarten and his doggie trainer says he is a "puppy prodigy," "the cutest puppy in the world" and a "genius", respectively.  But we all already knew that right?  Gifted, folks.  The puggle is gifted and talented, give it up!

I still haven't seen "The Devil Wears Prada," and I'm bummed about that.  Note to self: must see soon!

Okay, more coffee, the shower, and the 7:45 segment of the Today show is calling!  Have a great day everyone!


christin said...

my sister in law (david's sister) is a newscaster up in Marquette, MI - and she once reported on a MOOSE in a cemetery. It made national news?!?!?!? WHAT?
with CNN's headline yesterday being "President Bush uses expletive" - I'd say we're hard-up.

Courtney said...

The video from that trip to W. VA is around somewhere and I vividly remember counting crows playing in the background at one point...I'm sure it was something exciting like when my dad stopped for the hundredth time to see a deer cross the road...