Tuesday, June 20, 2006

cuteness, defined

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do officially own the cutest puppy alive.  Seriously.  I'm pretty sure the trophy is in the mail.  And the blue ribbon.  Everyone at the vet, Petsmart and the park agree.  And I have never had so many comments on my myspace or my blog!!  Am I a terrible mother for enjoying all of his attention?  Hope not, here's more cuteness, defined:

Brokawpuggle_038 He only has two drawbacks so far.  He wasn't born potty trained (darn) and we apparently have the same taste in shoes, so I'll have to be better at putting them in their place.

Totally worth it.


mike lopez said...

Cute dog, great name. Great blog.. and I think your hobbies are awesome. Drinking coffee, reading books, and watching the news. Sounds like my life before I had kids.
I Hope you're having a great time in Iron City.

Susan DeShazo said...

I just want to kiss his little FACE! And smell his puppy breath and rub his little velvet belly. I have just one question.. how is Katy taking it being the number 2 fur baby?