Sunday, June 4, 2006

Amber's Wedding

So, I am back in the 'Burgh after my trip down South for the weekend.  It was a fabulous, needed respite.  Amber's wedding was absolutely beautiful.  It was under a big white tent at a church in Rocky Mount, VA.  The weather was perfect, the bride was SO BEAUTIFUL and the ceremony was very sweet.  She had the big guy (Jerry Falwell) do the ceremony!  His voice was giving me flashbacks of convocation, but that's okay.  Amber is such a sweetheart and a special person to me.  I regret that we haven't done a better job at staying in touch.  But perhaps we will start now, I hope so.  It was SO great to see Amber and her family.  A couple of things happened that are "worth writing home about." First, Amber tied the knot. Duh. Second, this is news people: Ann and I actually took a decent picture together!! And we got one with Jerry!!  Oh, and I'm pretty sure Amber's little brother was hitting on me.  That's two for two for me getting little brothers at weddings.  I'm starting to get a little freaked out.

Here are some pictures from the blessed event:New_pics_108 New_pics_107

New_pics_104 New_pics_110

Okay, so as a single girl, you know I go to weddings looking for ideas.  Not that I am anywhere in the hemisphere of thinking about marriage, but I am a girl, and yes, we do start thinking about these things at about age 7.  Well, Amber did something really neat:  Instead of throwing her bouquet, she gave it away to the woman who had been married the longest.  The lady that walked away with the flowers had been hitched 51 years!! I think that's so sweet, plus, it saves your single friends the torment of having to stand with the flower girl and your little niece waiting to catch the bouquet.  Please, think of us.  That experience just gets more and more humiliating as the years go by, and the pool of single women dwindles.

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