Sunday, May 7, 2006

sunday night

  There are good and bad things about Sunday night.  Good = nice reflective time, relaxed mode... time to unwind, clean, get ready for the week ahead.  There's hope too... a new week ahead.  The bad, there's a whole week of work ahead!  Ahh!  And it's May.  A rough and tumble time in local TV news.  It's a very important ratings period.  My boss said Friday, "A good May book is a good summer."  No pressure, seriously... thanks.

I have had a great weekend.  I downloaded some really good cds:B000bntm3201_1 B000cqqhhc01B000edwm5y01 B000dn5vjy01 B0001ljc6601

With all of this good music, I just wanted to listen and listen and listen... so I did.  I was fairly productive... laundry, cleaning, cooking etc.

I'm a little frustrated with my face right now.  Seriously, I thought acne was supposed to be an adolescent problem.  Apparenly my face got the memo about 10 years late.  I have zits on my forehead and my chin!! Ew! And when I get a zit... it's a big one.  My face doesn't play around.  Like the rest of me, it's all or nothing.  I get these giant, painful puss filled monsters that leave their evil red marks behind for months.  So, it's war.  Oh yeah.  I went to Sam's Club and bought this stuff that's supposed to be like ProActiv, you know the Jessica Simpson advertized stuff?  We'll see if it works.  If I look like Jessica Simpson in two weeks... I'll be happy.

Speaking of her... so Nick Lachey has it going on these days.  Seriously.. he has a new infomercial out about Core Strength... some kind of exercise DVD or somethign... He does a lot of sit ups on one of those giant inflatable balls.  It's nice!  I can always feel myself getting wooed by infomercials.  I'm such a marketer's dream!! And Nick Lachey's new song, "What's Left Of Me," is pretty good.

Last night I hung out with people from work... had a blast... I also had curly hair. (it was all an attempt to draw attention away from the Appalachian Mountains forming on my forehead and chin)New_pics_003New_pics_001_1

Well.. that's just about all for now.  A chilled weekend.  A good thing.  Ready for a new week?  Ready or not.. here it comes!

Oh, also this weekend, I got a new scanner/printer and it's sweet!  I'll scan some of the hilarious pictures my Granny sent me of me and my brother when we were little.  Coming soon. Laughs guaranteed.

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Gretchen said...

Hey, Your hair looks so good in this pic. How do you get it like that? Teach me!