Monday, May 8, 2006

mediocre monday

What do you think of me titling posts by the day of the week?  I think it's kind of weak.  I'm low on creative juice.  Bear with me.  I was really REALLY really late this morning.  I left my house late, then got trapped in the Parkway traffic warp for like 45 minutes!!  Thankfully I had KT Tunstall to jam out to.  I got to work just in time to walk into the morning meeting with everyone saying things like "there she is," and "we're just glad you're okay."  Hmm.  Thanks for noticing, but no thanks.  I was a bit embarrassed.  It passed quickly however, and soon we were on about our merry news day. 

Tonight I made a discovery.  For the past few years, I have had these mysterious bleach spots showing up on my towels.  Not too big of a deal since I don't pump a lot of money out on things like towels... but I did always wonder where the bleach spots came from.  Ha!  I, the great scientist, have figured it out!  Benzoyl Peroxide. I know because the green washcloth I washed my face with last night is the latest victim.  I'm really giving this ProActiv bo-bo stuff a chance, I tell ya!

Everwood was sooo good tonight.  I just love that show! And Gilmore Girls, which I thought was ending last week... but much to my surprise and pleasure, there's one more night!  Tomorrow night.  I read today that it will be the show's last night with its creator, Amy Sherman-Pallidino.  Too bad.  I saw her on the DVD, and it's obviously clear her writing style drives the show.  I'll still hang.  Tonight I watched a new show I'm a little skeptical of... "What About Brian" on ABC.  First of all... it's hard to get past thinking Barry Watson isn't Matt from 7th Heaven.  I can tell I'm in the beginning stages of falling for this show.  But, much like a relationship... I'm skeptical.  What if it doesn't work out?  What if it's canceled... and I'm all alone on a Monday night at 10... with nothing to watch?  Ever since Swan's Crossing dissed me after school in 7th grade, I've had a wall up.  Broken hearted TV habits.  This is why I like to stick with the stuff you can count on, like the news!

I had big plans on making fun of David Blaine and his week in a giant bubble tonight.  But I clicked over during the commercials and saw they were giving him oxygen.  I can't, in my right mind, make fun of a guy who's on oxygen.  David, you're off the hook.

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christin said...

ha! this post made me laugh. I too have wavering relationships with TV shows. I really got nervous when I watched Related last fall and LOVED IT...I was so afraid they'd cancel on me, but they hung in there, they just ended early. Which sucks. That show is awesome, and it's usually on Mondays, so if 'Brian' goes off the air you can add that show, if you don't already watch it. it's really decent.